The goal of this Christian cooperative is to meet the need for an enrichment class opportunity for homeschooled children in the community. We recognize that a call to homeschool doesn't mean every parent is gifted in all areas. Our hope is to join together and each use our strengths to the benefit of all families involved. We strive to provide a safe place where parents of similar beliefs and values can bring their children to enjoy friendship and quality instruction from a biblical perspective. Our families are like spokes on a wheel and the co-op will be the center for uniting all of our gifts and talents in educating our children. HUB - Homeschoolers United in Belief

Statement of Faith

  1. We believe that God is the creator of all things, infinitely perfect and existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Genesis 1-2, John 1:3)
  2. We believe that the Bible is the holy, inerrant, and only inspired Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:21)
  3. We believe salvation is available to all people and only through grace and through the shed blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (John 1:12, Ephesians 1:7; 2:8-9)
  4. We affirm the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman. (Romans 1:18-32, Matthew 19:4-5)
In joining our Co-op, you commit to living out these principles in your daily life in order to model a relationship with Christ for the students. All curriculum taught must be aligned with and not in contradiction to these beliefs in any way. Any problems that arise with parents of children should be dealt with according to the Mathew 18 passage. Do not gossip to others about the issue, but go directly to the person involved to resolve the problem. Children and parents should exhibit godly character, behavior and communication. There should be no rude speech or gossiping among children or parents. This is vital to keeping a healthy, God glorifying atmosphere within our group. If you are unable to resolve a dispute on your own, please bring it to the attention of the someone on the leadership board.

General Information

Co-op will be held every Wednesday from 9:30am-12:30pm. Children from babies through teens are welcome as space allows. There will be a baby nursery up to walking age infants and a separate toddler classroom for children up to age 4. Kindergarten (age 5 by Sept. 1) - 8th grade may attend the enrichment classes. They will be divided into groups by birth date. Each family participating must have at least one child kindergarten age or older to participate in the co-op except with special permission from the leadership board. One parent or adult representative for each family must be present during the whole time of co-op, except with special permission of the leadership board. If there is a special situation please contact the leadership board.

Attendance Policy

In order for our co-op to work, all families enrolled must commit to coming each week. Each family must have one adult representative helping or teaching. Each parent helping or teaching must have a background check done before the first week of co-op. If you have an alternate person that may occasionally come in your place, they must have a background check done as well before coming. If you have prior commitments that are unavoidable, please make the leadership board aware as soon as possible. Drop-in children are not allowed excpet by prior approval by the leadership board and with a signed liability waiver from the child's parent. Three or more absences, unapproved no shows, or leaving early, will be reviewed by the leadership board and could result in removal from the coop.

Sick Policy

While we want to have everyone there each week, please do not bring your sick child to co-op. If you bring your child sick, they will not be admitted to class. Sickness not permitted is defined below.
*Temperature 100 degrees or higher within 24 hours of co-op. Fever must be gone for 24 hours without medication controlling it.
*Rashes, coughing, green mucous from eyes, ears or nose.
*Bacterial infection or strep until 24 hours after treatment with antibiotics has started.
*Pertussis (whooping cough) until 5 days after antibiotic treatment began.
*Head lice, impetigo,or pink eye until 24 hours since treatment began.
*Diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours.(If any of the above symptoms begin during co-op, the child will be removed from class immediately.)

Behavior Policy

The behavior policy is meant to be very simple, since parents are on site and behavior problems can be dealt with immediately by a parent. The rules we expect the children to follow are below.
  1. We will respect all people and property.
  2. We obey teachers and helpers the first time.
  3. We will participate.
The first time a rule is broken, the child will receive a gentle reminder. On a second violation, the parent will be notified that day. If the child has a third violation, they will immediately be taken to his/her parent. If the behavior is extreme or very aggressive the child will be removed immediately the first time. Ongoing behavior issues will be handled by the leadership board and could result in removal from the co-op.

Cancellation Policy

Co-op will be cancelled for snow days no later than 7 am the morning of co-op. The leadership board will come to a conclusion based on the safety of roads. Do not go by local school closings. Since we are a much smaller group, we have the opportunity to wait longer and make the best call for our group. If three or more teachers are sick or absent, we will also cancel co-op for the week.


Packing a lunch and staying to eat with the families after co-op classes is optional, but highly encouraged. It is a great opportunity for the moms and the kids to build friendships and get to know each other better. Each week two families will be assigned to clean the floors, wipe down tables, and take out the trash in the gym after lunch. We will have a rotating schedule so the burden doesn't fall on the same family too often.


Some of the classes may change by semester to keep variety in our co-op and so other moms will have opportunity to teach. Please let the leadership board know of any special areas of expertise you have that you might like to teach a class about in the future. All curriculum topics will be pre-approved by the leadership board. In alignment with our goal of a low cost co-op, tuition will not be charged for the classes and teachers and helpers will not be paid. A small per child semester supply fee will be determined by Aug. 1. Teachers will be asked to have a cell phone handy to be able to use in emergencies or to contact the parent of a child if needed. We ask that teachers and helpers do not use their phone for other purposes besides those that would benefit the class they are teaching during class time. We ask that students do not bring electronic devices or toys to co-op or they will be collected by the teacher or helper and held until the end of co-op or given directly to the parent.


Our co-op is purposefully small to create a family atmosphere. Chapel is a special time for us all to be together as a family before we break into classes. Each week a different family will lead the devotions, pledges, and prayer time. Please be on time for chapel so as not to disturb this time and so we can have our whole co-op family together to begin our co-op day.